Level 5 Ballet Technique Videos

Pointe Conditioning: Foot, Ankle, Leg, and Core

Equipment Needed: TheraBand, Smallest PBT ball, Medium PBT (“pilates”) ball

Ballet 5 Barre Combinations

4/21 Pointe Class

Kathryn Morgan’s Ballet Barre

Kathryn Morgan’s Pointe Work

Adagio 1

Adagio 2

Pas de Bourree

Developpe & Balance/Control

Pirouette: From 4th or 5th Position

Petite Allegro: Warm Up & Combo 1

Petite Allegro with Echappe, Royale, Entrechat

Petite Allegro with Brise (Pronounced: breeze-ay)

5 Min Abs/Core

Full Yoga Class


(After a warm-up/At the end of day’s training)

Stretch: Tight Hips

Level 5 Ballet Choreography

Ballet 5 “Alice’s Theme” Choreography

Battle Scenes

April 6th Battle Scene Review

April 14th Battle Scene New

Choreography Composition: Tip 1

Choreography Composition: 1st Share Session 3/26

Choreography Composition Session 3/30: Lainey & Molly

Choreography Composition Session 4/1: Grayce & Mia

4/7: “Alice” and Lainey, Molly, Mia, Grayce Choreo Review

4/14: Maysen’s Piece AND All Pieces with Music

4/21: Trying My Best

5/5: Trying My Best/Counts & Tempo

Level 5 Jazz & Modern Technique

Modern Class

Jazz 5: Warm Up Part 1 of 4

Jazz 5: Warm Up Part 2 of 4

Jazz 5: Warm Up Part 3 of 4

Jazz 5: Warm Up Part 4 of 4

3/24 Lyrical Combo

Level 5 Jazz, Tap, & Modern Choreography

Jazz 5: “Let’s Get Loud”

Jazz 5: “Let’s Get Loud” Final Edits

Modern 4/5: “La Vie En Rose”

Tap 4/5: “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”