Private Lessons


  • In order to schedule private lessons, please fill out this form
    • Please do not contact instructors to set up private lessons; only studio director can set private lesson times.
    • Please do not ask instructors for their contact information. Studio Policy states instructors cannot share their personal information & all contact should go through the Remind app and studio Facebook/emails.
  • Once confirmed, you may fill out this form before attending (includes safety waiver we must have before we begin lessons): Form


  • Payments for one-time sessions will be invoiced via Square.
  • On-going private sessions will be added to monthly tuition payments.
  • Technique: $70/hour, $60/45 minutes, $50/30 minutes
  • Choreography:
    • Solos
      • Choreography Fee (Includes music edit and first hour-long session): $90
      • 1 hour Rehearsal: $70/session
      • 45 min Rehearsal $60/session
      • 30 min Rehearsal: $50/session
    • Duos/Trios/Small Groups
      • Choreography Fee (Includes music edit and first hour-long session): $60 per dancer
      • 1 hour Rehearsal: $55 per dancer
      • 45 min Rehearsal: $45 per dancer
      • 30 min Rehearsal: $35 per dancer

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