Policies and Expectations

Please carefully review all Policies and Expectations carefully (including Class Attire and Showcase Policies which are listed on other tabs). By signing and turning in student’s registration form, parent/guardian acknowledges and agrees to all policies, expectations, and information posted at se-dance.com.


  • Email [email protected] with any questions. Add us to your contacts so you don’t miss out on monthly newsletters containing important information!
  • Newsletters are emailed around the first of each month, and are posted in our lobby. Brief versions are posted to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Remind 101: Weather cancellations and quick reminders will be sent using Remind 101. You will receive an invitation via email or text message. You must accept the invitation to be added to the class list.

Holiday Closings, Inclement Weather, and Missed Class Policies

  • Holiday closings are listed online at se-dance.com/events, posted in every monthly newsletter in the lobby, on the calendar in the lobby during the appropriate month, posted on our Facebook page, and emailed as the holiday approaches.
  • Inclement Weather Policy
    • Inclement weather closings are typically sent via Remind text, and posted to our Facebook page as long as we can access it.
    • We do not always follow GCS school system’s holiday or inclement weather decisions. It’s important to check our Facebook page in the event of inclement weather.
    • If SESD must cancel a class, the first cancellation is built into your total tuition payments, but can be made up individually in another age/level appropriate class if desired. The second cancellation is replaced with the dress rehearsal at the end of the year, prior to the show. A third cancellation will result in a make up class. Please note, if less than half the class plans to attend the make up class, we will not hold an extra class but will offer students another age/level appropriate class to attend, if desired.
  • If you’re ever in doubt regarding studio open/closings, please check our event calendar (se-dance.com/events) or our Facebook page prior to arriving to class.
  • If a student misses a class for any reason, he/she is more than welcome to attend another age/level appropriate class as a make up. Please contact Katherine at [email protected] if you wish to set up a make up class.
    • Missed classes can also be made up in the form of private lessons IF an instructor is available. Private lessons will be charged at the rates listed above, under “Other Fees.”

Registration, Tuition, and Payment Policies

  • SESD Fall/Spring season runs from August-June.
    • Registration for Creative Movement, Foundations, and BTJ1 is open through January 31st, and students who enroll in these classes prior to January 31st are eligible to participate in our Showcase.
    • Registration for Levels 2+ is open through December. Students in levels 2+ should be registered no later than the first week of December to be eligible to participate in our Showcase.
  • $30 Annual Registration Fee is due at fall registration for new students ($45 per family).
  • $25 Annual Returning Student Fee is due at fall registration for returning students ($35 per family).
  • Please remember that class sizes are limited. In order to officially reserve your student’s spot, we must promptly collect Registration fees and tuition. We strongly encourage pre-registration and turning in your Registration Fee as soon as possible.
  • Students who pre-register for Fall/Spring classes prior to the new season’s start date should pay their Registration fee and August tuition no later than the end of the first week of classes.
  • Students who register after the season begins should pay their Registration fee and first month’s tuition upon first class attendance, no later than a week after submitting and receiving confirmation of their Registration form.
  • Tuition is based on the total number of classes per season then divided equally each month. Tuition remains the same regardless of holidays, studio closure, vacations, illness, etc.
  • We cannot pro-rate tuition due to absences, but we are happy to schedule a make-up class!
  • Cash and check Payments are due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 10th. After the 10th, a  $10 late fee should be applied. (Effective Fall 2019: Lat fee will be $15).
  • Please label your payment and place in the tuition box in lobby—*Instructors cannot accept payments.*
  • Please do not mail payment. ACH drafts and checks/cash turned in to our tuition box are the only acceptable forms of payment.
  • We strongly encourage signing up for ACH drafts.
    • Click here to fill out the ACH form online!
    • We also need a voided check to verify information–you can send a picture to [email protected], or bring to the studio and place in the tuition box.***Please note: Our corporate name is “Creative N’rgy, INC.” (Creative N’rgy DBA SESD). This is what will show up on your bank statement–NOT Southeast School of Dance.***
    • ACH withdrawals are scheduled for the 5th of each month. If the 5th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, withdrawals will be taken out the following Monday.
  • Non-Payment: $35 fee for returned checks, insufficient funds, etc.
  • All accounts should be paid in full (including any fees) prior to the Showcase and/or karate testing and graduation in order for students to participate in end of year activities.
  • Tuition, Registration, Showcase, and Costume fees are non-refundable.

Early Withdrawal Policy

  • Dance, Acro, and Karate classes are a season-long commitment. In order to withdraw from a class before the end of the season, please email the studio director at [email protected] with your withdrawal request. Students who simply do not attend class will still be considered “enrolled” and tuition will still be collected until an official notification has been sent, received, and acknowledged.
  • In addition to notifying director of withdrawal via email, a $30 withdrawal fee should be paid if you withdraw before the end of the season.

Other Fees

  • Showcase Fees are collected in September, and Costume Fees in October. Please visit our Showcase Policy and Information page for all the details! (Fees apply to Dance and Acro classes).
  • Private Lessons:
    • Payments should be made payable to SESD.
    • One-time lessons: Payment is due at the start of the lesson.
    • Multiple lessons: Full payment is due at the start of the first session.
    • Technique: $40/hour, $35/45 minutes, $25/30 minutes
    • Choreography:
      • Solo Choreography Fee (Includes music edit and first hour-long session): $70
      • Duo/Trio Choreography Fee: $45/Per dancer
      • Hourly Rehearsal Fee: $30
      • 30 Minute Rehearsal Fee: $20

Class Expectations and Placement

  • Ballet Technique Classes:
    • At SESD, a proper understanding of and the ability to execute correct technique is our highest priority. Just as you cannot build a sturdy house on sinking sand, you cannot build strong dancers without a strong foundation. Dancers will neither perform to their highest potential nor develop individual artistry if they are not confident in their training. Ballet is the most technical of all dance forms, and is the building block from which all other dance forms grow. Ballet training helps dancers understand their bodies and use their muscles most effectively. Therefore, we require all dancers in level 2-4 to enroll in Ballet class if they wish to enroll in Jazz/Tap or Modern classes. Acro dancers are strongly encouraged to enroll in a Ballet or Modern technique class, though it is not required. Hip Hop and Pom/Cheer dancers are not required to enroll in an additional technique class. Flip Flop Hip Hop should be taken in addition to Foundations or Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1.
    • We understand multiple classes can place financial strain on families who have multiple dancers enrolled in our program. We are happy to offer multiple class discounts as well as sibling discounts, and scholarships are available on an at-need basis. Please send scholarship inquiries to our director at [email protected] or call (336) 509-8154 for more information.
  • Summer Attendance Policy:
    • Taking the summer off can very negatively affect a dancer’s training. Dancers who take the summer off typically need 2-3 months of training to re-gain lost technique and “catch up” to dancers who attended summer classes.
    • Dancers in Level 2 are strongly encouraged to attend our summer session, especially those moving up to level 3.
    • Dancers in levels 3-5 (especially those starting or continuing pointe training) and all Performance Team/Competition dancers are required to attend all three weeks of our summer session.
    • If a dancer will be absent one week of summer session, he/she should attend an extra class as a “make up” during the weeks he/she will be in town.
    • Please see the “Current Events” tab for the upcoming summer session dates.
  • Class Placement:

    • Each dancer learns and grows at his or her own pace. Ages listed on our schedules and class descriptions are a general guideline that helps us initially place dancers. When placing students, whether new or returning, we first take the following things into consideration: physical development and strength, emotional maturity, work ethic, comprehension, and ability to correctly demonstrate level-appropriate technique. Age is a secondary consideration. Sometimes, dancers may be asked to attend a placement class prior to completing registration.

    • It is not uncommon, in fact it is expected, that students spend 2-4 years in any given level. There are only four levels of each technique (after “Foundations”), making it virtually impossible for a dancer to be promoted each passing year. New students can learn from those who have already completed one or more years of a level, which gives more experienced students a wonderful opportunity to be a positive example and leader in class! Promoting a dancer too quickly could result in physical harm, emotional distress, and persistent injuries.

    • Ballet students in levels 2 and above are evaluated twice a year. Mid term evaluations are in December and returned in January, and final evaluations are held in May and returned the Monday following our Spring Showcase. Please click here for more information regarding ballet evaluations.
    • We appreciate you trusting us with your child’s dance education and understanding that we have their best interest, and safety, in mind when making decisions considering class promotions.

Studio and Classroom Etiquette

  • Please remember that our policy regarding illness and any contagious condition (fever, fever blister/cold sore, stomach bugs, lice etc.) require that students be symptom free without medication for 24 hours before returning to class.
  • Studio doors are unlocked no later than 15 minutes prior to the first class or rehearsal of the day. If you need assistance before we open, please call (336) 509-8154 for the quickest response or email [email protected] if you do not require an immediate response.
  • We strongly believe qualities such as respect, self-discipline, personal responsibility, courtesy, and kindness are all an important part of your student’s fine arts education. We hope that our etiquette guidelines help students realize that thinking of others first creates an ideal environment for learning, and that they carry these fundamental traits into other parts of their lives and future.
  • Students should arrive a few minutes before class begins to prepare for class (change shoes, remove warm ups, etc.).
    • Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe class if the warm up has reached a certain point. The first 15 minutes of class are very important as we spend this time warming up the muscles. Activities performed without properly warming up can result in injuries that could be severe and/or life-long.
    • Students will take notes as a form of participation.
  • Students should wait to enter the studio until their instructor invites them in.
    • If there is not a class in session, students and guests should wait in the lobby. No one should enter a studio without an instructor’s permission/supervision, except to use the bathrooms.
  • Please arrive in full uniform/class attire each week, and hair should be pulled back as specified in our class attire expectations before entering the studio room. We believe proper and uniform attire creates a cohesive and structured environment that allows each dancer to perform to his or her fullest potential, and unifies the class as a whole. Arriving in proper class attire conveys respect for oneself, instructors, and fellow students.
    • Please click here to view our “Class Attire” page.
  • In order to protect our floor toppers, shoes, gum, food, or drink should remain in the lobby. Water bottles are allowed in studio rooms and should be placed only in the cubbies. Drink breaks will be given occasionally at instructor’s discretion.
    • Students are welcome to eat, do homework, etc. on the “snack table” at the far end of the lobby.
  • We have ballet barres in both Studio A and B. Ballet barres are for ballet and acro use only. For your child’s safety, please remind your student that these barres are not for hanging or playing on, they are tools and need to be treated as such. If used incorrectly and/or without proper supervision, children can be injured and barres can be damaged. Barres should ONLY be used as instructed by your teacher.
  • Students should not lean against the walls or barres in class. This is a sign of disrespect towards your instructor.
  • Please refrain from running, playing tag, and hiding under tables and desks in the lobby. We have a number of younger siblings who wait in the lobby, and they can very easily be injured as a result of improper behavior.
  • Please do not hang on to the window frames in the lobby and classrooms or pull up a chair to stand on to look through the viewing window. We enjoy the ability for siblings and students to watch and learn from each other, but standing on our folding chairs and hanging from the frame is very dangerous. Please give your kids a boost or ask an instructor if it’s okay for friends and siblings to sit in the studio room instead.
  • According to our studio policy, any damage to SESD property will be the parents responsibility.


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