2020 Picture Week Schedule: Posted Below

General Info:

  • All dancers participate in the Group photo for their class. Individual photos are optional.
  • Dancers should arrive in costume, hair and makeup ready. Please wear a cover up over your costume, and never eat in costume!
    • The studio will be open 30 minutes prior to the first picture in case you come straight from work/school and need to get ready in studio B prior to your scheduled picture time.
  • This is a good time to test your “costume box!” Dance bags can get messy, we recommend bringing your costume box instead.
  • Parents/siblings/guardians should wait in the lobby while dancers are being photographed. We understand you are excited to see your dancer’s photos, but it can be a big distraction for students to see their parents watching. We promise to make sure every detail is perfect!
  • Studio A is our “picture studio.” Studio B is reserved for dancers who have multiple costumes and need to change. Students, siblings, and parents who are not assisting a dancer change should wait in the lobby. Dancers should get changed/ready as quickly as possible and act professionally while waiting. There should be no acrobatics, dancing, or activities that could cause injury to oneself or another dancer, please!
  • Nude Leotard/Appropriate Undergarments:
  • Tights/Shoes:
    • Please have correct brand and color tights and shoes. Our class attire requirements are listed in detail on our “Class Attire” section of our website, and ***be sure to check the costume boards a few weeks before picture week in case your dancer needs different colored/style tights.***
  • Hair And Make Up:
    • Hair should be performance ready and as described on the Costume Boards.
    • Hair should be slicked back with no bangs or “fly-aways,” hair pieces attached.
    • No nail polish, please! “French tips,” nude, or clear polish is okay.
    • All dancers should wear performance make up to picture week.
      • All dancers need Milani 07 “Best Red” lipstick for picture day and Spring Showcase. Bright lights wash out dancer’s faces.
  • Earrings:
    • No earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or any other form of jewelry is permitted in all classes/dancers

Order/Purchasing Information

  • We are excited to have Classic Photography take our photos this year! Their system runs a bit differently than others we’ve used in the past. Please review their policies and “What to Expect” below so we can keep everything running smoothly and on schedule!
  • Instructions for Picture Day from Classic Photography:
    • On picture day, you will receive a proof printed on an order form for EACH INDIVIDUAL picture that your dancer takes. Group pictures are NOT proofed, however we take enough pictures to be sure to have the best shot possible of each group member.
      • Individual photos are optional and only taken if parent chooses to do so.
    • After you receive your proof, you are expected to turn your order and payment in on picture day or by the last day of picture week (it can be the last day of your studio’s shoot, but has to be turned in before Classic Photography leaves which for us, is Wednesday). If you cannot decide what to order, we recommend ordering something small so your order will be in the system.
    • We accept exact change, checks and credit cards. For credit cards we encourage you to go to our website and pay securely while you are at the shoot. We will be happy to show you, just ask one of our customer service associates on picture day.
    • We will have samples of our products available on picture day to view and handle so you can choose what you cannot live without!
    • Pictures and products you order will be mailed directly to your home within 20 business days of your studio’s picture day. Please allow some extra time for specialty products (for example: holiday ornaments).
    • If you have any questions at all we are here to help. We will be happy to explain ordering, shipping or anything else you need to know!

Picture week can be hectic; we truly appreciate your excitement, patience, positivity, and understanding! We LOVE seeing all the girls in their costumes—and lots of smiles!

2020 Schedule: May 11th-13th