Spring 2024 Picture Week: April 29-May 1

Schedule Below

General Info:

  • All dancers participate in the Group photos & Individual photos. for their class.
    • We can only take “individual photos” with siblings. Taking photos with “friends” is not permitted due to time constraints.
  • Dancers should arrive in costume, hair and makeup ready. Please wear a cover up over your costume, and never eat in costume!
    • The studio will be open 30 minutes prior to the first picture in case you come straight from work/school and need to get ready in studio B prior to your scheduled picture time.
  • This is a good time to test your “costume box!” Dance bags can get messy, we recommend bringing your costume box instead.
    • Please be sure all headpieces/accessories, shoes, tights, etc. are organized so dancers can complete quick changes efficiently.
  • Parents/siblings/guardians should wait in the lobby while dancers are being photographed. We understand you are excited to see your dancer’s photos, but it can be a big distraction for students to see their parents watching. We promise to make sure every detail is perfect!
  • Studio A is our “picture studio.” Studio B is reserved for dancers who have multiple costumes and need to change. Students, siblings, and parents who are not assisting a dancer change should wait in the lobby. Dancers should get changed/ready as quickly as possible and act professionally while waiting. There should be no acrobatics, dancing, or activities that could cause injury to oneself or another dancer, please!
  • Tights/Shoes:
    • Please have correct brand and color tights and shoes. Our class attire requirements are listed in detail on our “Class Attire” section of our website, and ***be sure to check the costume boards a few weeks before picture week in case your dancer needs different colored/style tights.***
  • Hair And Make Up:
    • Hair should be performance ready and as described on the Costume Boards.
      • Hair should be slicked back with no bangs or “fly-aways,” hair pieces attached.
    • No nail polish, please! “French tips,” nude, or clear polish is okay.
      • This includes toe nail polish if your dancer is barefoot (Acro, sometimes modern)
    • All dancers should wear performance make up to picture week as bright backgrounds and lights will wash out dancer’s faces.
      • All dancers need red lipstick for picture day and Spring Showcase. Please review approved colors on the showcase tab.
      • Mascara, light eyeliner, light blush, and eyeshadow is recommended.
      • Eye shadow tips: We recommend a “nude smokey eye” with some shimmer in the inner corner/on the eyelid.
      • Blush: Follow the cheekbone instead of making a “circle” on the cheek. Start with a little, check it, then add more if desired. Soft pink tones usually look best for littles and fair complexions; while peach tones tend to look more “natural” with olive/darker complexions.
  • Earrings/Accessories:
    • No earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or any other form of jewelry is permitted in all classes/dancers
    • Nude Leotard/Appropriate Undergarments:

Order/Purchasing Information

  • We are excited to have Studio 601 take our photos this year! Their system runs a bit differently than others we’ve used in the past.
  • They will also be photographing our Dress Rehearsal!
    • You will be able to purchase images from Dress Rehearsal
  • Package: $175
    • Includes:
    • (1) 8×10 image
    • (5) 4×6 images
    • You can mix and match images from pic week & rehearsal!

Picture week can be hectic; we truly appreciate your excitement, patience, positivity, and understanding! We LOVE seeing all the girls in their costumes—and lots of smiles!