Below is general information regarding our Spring Showcases.

2022 Information is posted here!

Our annual Spring Showcase is always an exciting event! Following the guidelines below have proven successful in the past, so let’s continue  to have many more successful shows! Some rules come directly from our venue, so please be sure to read them closely.

Meetings will be held in the Spring to review all details and answer questions to ensure the best experience for you and your dancer! Showcase meetings are required for new students, and encouraged for return students.

2021-2022 Season: May 20-21

Show 1 Full Cast Dates:

Sunday, May 1

Saturday, May 14

Guest Information and Etiquette

  • Absolutely no recording or photography is permitted. This includes cameras, cell phones, iPads, or any other devices. This is a safety hazard and privacy issue for our dancers. Our choreography is property of SESD, and we need to be cautious of where and how that is distributed. DVDs will be professionally recorded and available for purchase, and a professional photographer will be on site taking photos that you can purchase after the show!
  • Bouquets, DVDs, and Show-themed shirts will be available for pre-order in the spring.
  • Guests should remain seated during all dances. If you must leave the auditorium, please do so in between dances–not when dancers are on stage.
  • Guests should plan to stay for the entire show; all our dancers work very hard to learn and polish their dances, and proper etiquette states guests should not leave early.
  • Only dancers, instructors, and pre-selected volunteers are permitted backstage pre-show, during the show, and post-show. Doors to the dressing room area will be locked to ensure dancers are in a safe place with an SESD volunteer.
  • All dancers are required to stay for the entire show, and can be picked up from the lobby after Curtain Call (bows) at the end of the show. This policy is not only polite theatre etiquette, but also allows SESD to  be sure each dancer is picked up by her parent/guardian. Dancers will wait backstage with our volunteers so you can enjoy the show!

Showcase Policies and Fees

  • Showcase participation is mandatory for all SESD students.
  • Showcase Fee: $65 (max $95 per family)
    • Showcase and ticket fees go towards the cost of venue rental, vendors, programs, staff, music licenses, props, guests artists, etc.
  • Costume Fees:
    • Creative Movement, Foundations, Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1, Intro to Acro: $55 (per class)
    • Levels 2-6, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, and Boys Only: $60 (per class)
    • Ballet 6 Solo Costume: $70
  • Showcase and Costume fees are included in monthly tuition payments August-December and are non-refundable.
  • Ticket Information:
    • Tickets are sold online via TutuTix
      • You do not have to be an SESD student to order tickets. All guests, friends, and family who wish to attend may order through the TutuTix website
    • Younger siblings/guests: Do not need a ticket if they will sit on a parent’s lap; they only need a ticket if they need their own seat.
    • We do not sell tickets at the door the day of the event; however, online ticket sales will remain open until the show begins, and you can show your ticket from your smartphone.
    • Ticket price is $14.50 plus tax and $1 service fee
    • Once ordered, tickets are sent via email and should be printed off to bring to the venue
      There is also an option for a “Keepsake ticket” for an additional cost
    • Complimentary Tickets:
      • Families with one dancer will receive 4 complimentary ticket for each show in which their dancer performs.
      • Families with multiple dancers will receive 5 complimentary tickets for each show in which their dancers perform.
      • Each SESD family will receive a set number of complimentary tickets for each show in which your dancer performs.
      • *You will receive a unique, one-time use code from SESD for your complimentary tickets via email prior to ticket sales opening. Please do not lose your email containing your code.
      • There is a $1 service fee for each complimentary ticket.
  • Showcase Meetings:
    • Showcase Meetings are required for new students, and encouraged for return students. If you have any questions regarding the Showcase, please attend a meeting.
    • Show day is VERY busy. It is extremely important to attend Showcase meetings and ask all questions prior to the show date. Katherine will be tied up running the show; coordinating lights and sound with the technicians, checking on dancers, and much more. We want this experience to be as smooth and pleasant as possible, but there is no guarantee Katherine will be able to answer phone calls, texts, or emails at any time during the day. If you have a question and cannot find Katherine, look for someone in a “volunteer” shirt or your dancer’s teacher. Showcase meetings will eliminate most of the stress and confusion!
    • Please remember that volunteers and staff are following Katherine’s instructions, and are dedicated to making this show as wonderful as possible for all participants. Hopefully everything will run smoothly, but if a conflict or issue does arise, please remember that we are all here for the kids–it’s THEIR day to shine, not worry about adult problems. Please contact Katherine after the show if you have any concerns; we want everyone to feel important and respected–because you are!–but in the middle of shows is not always the best time to have such an important conversation. I want to be able to give you 110% of my attention, and I cannot do that in between shows/rehearsals.

Performer Eligibility, Expectations, and Attendance Policy:

  • Eligibility:
    • Last month’s tuition and any other outstanding fees should be paid in full no later than 2 days prior to the show date in order for dancers to remain eligible to participate in the Showcase.
      • Last month’s tuition remains the same as other months. Tuition is calculated for the entire year, and divided equally each month. Therefore, we do not charge more for months with 5 weeks, and we do not pro-rate for months with less than 4 weeks.
    • While we welcome dancers to join our program at any point in the season, dancers must be officially enrolled in class, and have paid Showcase and Costume fees no later than the last day of class in December  in order to participate in the current season’s showcase.
      • Eligibility regarding dancers who enroll late in the season is always up to instructor’s discretion.
    • Dancers must attend each full cast (if applicable) and dress rehearsal to remain eligible to perform.
    • New students: One parent must attend a Showcase meeting to remain eligible to perform.
  • Attendance Policy:
    • Regular attendance in both Fall and Spring semesters is crucial for dancers to remain in shape/avoid injury and progress at the expected rate. In addition, showcase choreography begins in January in all of our dance and acro classes and regular attendance in the spring session is extremely important for students to learn class choreography.
      • Creative Movement, Foundations, and Level 1 dancers are expected to attend regularly all season to remain eligible to perform in the Showcase, but there is no set number of absences for these levels. Parents will be contacted if attendance becomes a concern for younger students.
        • Occasionally, when younger dancers are absent a couple weeks in a row (or over Christmas break), they become hesitant to return to class at all due to the disruption in their routine. Please reach out and let us know if your dancer is experiencing any hesitation in returning to class; we are here to help!
      • Levels 2-6: Any absences over the amount listed below could affect a dancer’s eligibility to remain in our program and/or perform in the annual Showcase. While it is possible to make up missed classes in another appropriate class, there is no guarantee that missed choreography can be “made up” and attending a lower level for an extended period of time is not permitted. It is imperative that dancers attend class regularly except in the event of illness according to our illness policy, emergency, or graded school event.
        • Dancers in Level 2 and 3 are allowed 6 excused absences August-December, and 6 excused absences January-May, three of which can be after March 1st.
        • Dancers in Levels 4-6 are allowed 10 absences all season, 6 of which can be missed January-May, 3 after March 1st.
        • *Please see new Make-Up Class Policies below*
    • The three weeks prior to the show are absolutely mandatory except in the event of contagious condition (according to our Illness Policy) or graded school event. Dancers who are absent the three weeks prior to the show may be pulled from their class dance if the instructor deems it more beneficial for the class as a whole. Dancers work very hard to retain their choreography, and it puts extra pressure on their classmates when students are routinely absent. We thank you for realizing how important regular attendance is, and assure you that your dancer will be very glad they put in the time and effort when the big day arrives!
    • If dancers “miss” new choreography, it is their responsibility to learn what they’ve missed. We sometimes record new choreography, but dancers should NOT rely on videos–we recommend keeping a “choreography notebook” to write down choreography and meeting with friends before the next class to review what was missed. (Levels 2-6; not applicable to pre-school/kindergarten classes).
    • Picture day, full cast rehearsals, and dress rehearsals are mandatory for all levels/classes.
    • Dancers who are absent from any full cast or dress rehearsal are not permitted to perform in the show. If you experience an emergency the day of a rehearsal, contact Katherine ASAP.
    • Dancers may not leave full cast or dress rehearsals earlier than their designated dismissal time (All levels/classes).
    • Please review all dates and times carefully. Full Cast and Dress Rehearsals are absolutely mandatory.
  • Make-Up Class Policies
    • Creative Movement, Foundations, Level 1: Due to class sizes, please contact [email protected] to schedule a make-up class.
    • Levels 2-6: We prefer you contact [email protected] to schedule a make-up class, but since class sizes are generally lower, dancers are permitted to “drop in” for a make-up class.
    • Keep in mind, once the maximum amount of absences is reached, they must be made up promptly and should not hit the max amount again. For example, if a dancer reaches 11 absences, she must make up at least 1 absences to lower to 10. If a dancer with 11 absences makes up 5 classes (making the total of absences 6) he/she should not reach 10 absences for a second time.
    • Dancers are not permitted to attend a lower level class in place of their regularly scheduled class except for an occasional make-up class.
    • Dancers who accumulate an excessive amount of absences may be released from our program at any time during the season (tuition, costume fees, showcase fees, and any other fees are non-refundable).
    • Full Cast, Production, Team, and other rehearsals are mandatory and cannot be “made up.”

Performer Preparedness

  • Personal Belongings:
    • ***Label ALL PERSONAL ITEMS with dancers initials or first/last name. SESD and the Showcase venue cannot be held responsible for any items that become lost during showcase events.
    • ***Label the INSIDE of your dancer’s shoes with her initials or first/last name. They will most likely get mixed up backstage and we need to be able to quickly identify who they belong to.
    • Do not bring anything of value that cannot be replaced.
  • *Costume Accessory Organization (Dancers in two or more dances): This is so important!
    • Place each costumes accessories in a clear Ziploc bag labelled with which costume it’s worn with. For example, Ballet 2-A (Dolls) should place arm puffs, choker, and ribbons/headpiece in a plastic baggie labelled “ballet/dolls.”
    • Do not lose small hair accessories like diamond barrettes. We will be wearing all accessories and don’t want any dancer to be missing anything.
    • Costumes should remain in storage until Picture Week, Dress Rehearsal, and Showcase. This ensures no pieces become damaged or lost.
    • Costume accessories are generally irreplaceable.
  • Costume Box: No dance bags are permitted backstage
    • Does my dancer need a costume box?
      • Dancers in levels 2+ who are enrolled in multiple classes or with multiple costumes/tights/shoes are required to have a “Costume Box” which is large enough to hold all costumes, shoes, make up, etc. No dance bags permitted backstage.
      • Foundations and Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 need a shoe box-sized box to hold tap and ballet shoes.
      • Dancers in levels 2+ that are only in one dance may bring a small box for their street shoes/change of clothes if desired. These dancers may also leave personal items with a parent.
      • Creative Movement dancers do not need a box or dance bag; all personal items should stay with their parent.
    • What goes in a “Costume Box”?
      • Costumes and hair pieces/accessories, dance shoes, tights, red lipstick and other make up necessities, brush/comb, hair spray, hair gel, extra hair ties and bobby pins, band aids, water bottles, sealed snacks, and anything else your dancer may need backstage!
      • Be sure to label ALL items with your dancer’s name or initials.
  • Hair & Nails:
    • Clean nails, no colored nail polish. Nude polish and “French tips” are acceptable.
      • This includes toe nail polish if your dancer will be barefoot (Acro, sometimes Modern)
    • Hair should be slicked back with gel and hair spray, no bangs or “fly-aways.”
    • Dancers with hair in a bun should use a hair net over the bun and plenty of bobby pins.
    • Hair styles are posted on the “Costume Boards” in the lobby.
  • Nude Leotard/Appropriate Undergarments:
    • All dancers in levels 2 and up should have a nude leotard with clear straps to wear under costumes instead of regular undergarments which could show through costumes. Nude leotards can be purchased at Carolina Dancewear or online.
    • Dancers do not need to wear underwear under costumes.
  • Jewelry:
    • No earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. are permitted.
  • Tights & Shoes:
    • Tights and shoes are generally the same as required by our Class Attire Policy; if different styles/colors are required, they will be posted on the costume board.
    • Please note, Foundations and Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 will only use their Theatrical Pink (mesh/back seam) tights this year. No Caramel tights.
    • Tights should not have holes—we recommend purchasing a new pair before the show, and using them in class the next season.
    • Label the tag or inside of shoes with dancer’s initials or first/last name.
  • Make Up:
    • Please do not bring spray glitter to the venue. Roll-on glitter or glitter that is applied with a brush/make up applicator is acceptable, if desired.
    • Creative Movement and Foundations classes should have Milani 07 “Best Red” lipstick. Other make up as desired by parent. We recommend light, natural blush and mascara.
    • Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 should apply Milani 07 “Best Red” lipstick and light stage make-up (blush, neutral eye shadow a bit heavier than every day wear, eyeliner, and mascara).
    • Levels 2-6 should apply Milani 07 “Best Red” lipstick and stage make-up (foundation if needed, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner—winged preferred, and mascara).
    • Dancers in Level 5-6 should apply false eye lashes.
  • Make Up Tips:
    • Eyes: Traditional “smoky eye” make up does not always look best on stage. We recommend the same technique but with neutral colors. Eye shadow palettes are a great way to achieve this look and usually have instructions on the back of the package.
      • Choose a color theme: Gold/tan/dark brown, silver/light grey/dark grey, and mauve/light pink/off white hues usually work well together.
      • If in doubt, start light and add more color/shadow if needed.
      • Add some shimmer in the inner corner and inner-mid portion of the eyelid.
    • Blush: Follow the cheekbone instead of making a “circle” on the cheek. When in doubt, “less is more.” Start with a little, check it, then add more if desired. Soft pink tones usually look best for littles and fair complexions; while peach tones tend to look more “natural” with olive/darker complexions.

Dressing Room & Drop Off/Pick Up Policies

    • Dressing Room and Backstage Etiquette:
      • Only pre-selected volunteers will be allowed backstage; parents should remain in the auditorium.
        All performers will be expected to stay for the entire show, and can be picked up in the lobby after Curtain Call (bows). Performers will remain backstage with an SESD volunteer and doors leading to the backstage area will be locked—this is a safety precaution.
      • During the show, dancers should remain in their dressing room until they are called by the director or a backstage runner. There will be a volunteer assigned to the downstage area to help with costume changes and make-up and hair touch ups.
      • Dancers should keep the dressing room area tidy. Keep all shoes, costumes, hair pieces, etc. in your costume box, not on the floor.
      • After your last dance, dancers should quickly gather their things and begin tidying up the dressing room before bows. This is not our space, and we need to treat it with respect and leave it in better shape than we found it.
    • On Show Day…
      • All dancers should arrive promptly during their Call Time with hair and make-up ready.
      • Parents and guests may wait in the lobby until Doors Open. Parents and guests should not go backstage or to any dressing room unless directed to do so by SESD staff member.
      • Creative Movement, Foundations, Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1, & Intro to Acro:
        • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to Call Time to use the restroom. Then, please send 1 parent to quickly escort your dancer to the breezeway (to your left after you enter the lobby). Dancers will be checked in and escorted to their Dressing Room by our backstage runner.
        • Please arrive in first costume, hair and make-up ready. Foundations, Flip Flop Hip Hop, and Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 dancers will need a small-medium sized “Costume box” for their tights and shoes.
        • Due to the small backstage area, we ask that parents quickly drop off their dancer and return to the lobby to avoid congestion downstairs.
      • Dancers in levels 2-6:
        • Please arrive at designated Call Time and report directly to dressing room (same as was assigned at Dress Rehearsal) with hair and make-up ready. Parents do not need to escort dancers to their dressing room.
      • When the show ends:
        • Creative Movement parents may pick your dancer up from the stage—please only send one parent/guardian to avoid congestion near the stage.
        • All other classes: Please pick up your dancer in the breezeway that leads to the backstage area where you dropped off your dancer. We will have them gather their items from the dressing room quickly, then send them up to you!

Rehearsal Information

  • Full Cast vs. Dress Rehearsal
    • Full Cast:
      • Only required for dancers performing in the Ballet portion of the show (Creative Movement, First Steps, Foundations, Intro to Acro, BTJ1, and Ballet 2-6).
      • Full Cast rehearsals are at SESD, not the Showcase venue.
      • Typically, dancers do not wear costumes—please wear regular ballet class attire unless instructed otherwise. Hair should be slicked back in a bun.
      • Dancers should arrive 10 minutes earlier than their call time so we can begin promptly. Dancers should wait quietly in the lobby until they are invited inside the studio room.
      • Full cast rehearsal schedules and current season details are posted here.
      • For general information regarding Full Cast Rehearsals (What is a full cast rehearsal? What do dancers do? Why are they important?), click here.
    • Dress Rehearsal:
      • Dress Rehearsal is for all dancers/classes, but not all dancers/classes have to stay the entire time. Detailed Call times and dismissals are posted here.
      • Dress Rehearsal is held at the Showcase venue, not SESD.
      • Dancers should arrive during their Call time with hair and make-up ready, in their first costume with a cover up.
      • Creative Movement, Foundations, and BTJ1 parents should take their dancer to their designated section in the auditorium during Call Time.
        • Creative Movement, Foundations, and BTJ1  Parents: Please wait in the audience in your class’ designated section during rehearsal. Class volunteer will bring your dancer to you when they are ready to be dismissed. Please remember flash photography and videos are not permitted.
      • Dancers in Show 1 (Ballet) should check in at their Call Time in the lobby for dressing room assignments. Dancers may be picked up from the lobby after their dismissal time.
      • Dancers in Show 2 (Variety) should check in at their Call Time in the lobby for dressing room assignments. Dancers may be picked up from the lobby after their dismissal time.
        • *Be sure to check for “Production” Call Times as these may differ from your dancer’s regular weekly class Call Time.
      • During Dress Rehearsal, dancers should stay in their dressing room or seats in the auditorium until they are called by the director or a backstage runner. There is no reason for dancers to roam around the auditorium, lobby, etc. unsupervised.
      • Dancers will not be permitted to leave their dressing rooms during Lunch Break. Please send a healthy lunch with your dancer. Dancers in levels 2-6 who will be rehearsing for more than 2 hours should bring healthy snacks and at least 2 water bottles. Please do not send food/drinks that could soil costumes. Dancers should bring a cover up/other clothes to wear while eating.
      • Our photographer will be photographing dress rehearsal; all performers should be dressed exactly as if it were Show Day.