Spring Showcase 2024

Venue: CLC at Tabernacle Church

Address: 5721 Methodist Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406

NO Dress Rehearsal!

Showcase Date: Saturday December 14th, 2024

Guest Information and Etiquette

  • Absolutely no recording or photography is permitted. This includes cameras, cell phones, iPads, or any other devices. This is a safety hazard and privacy issue for our dancers. Our choreography is property of SESD, and we need to be cautious of where and how that is distributed. DVDs will be professionally recorded and available for purchase, and a professional photographer will be on site taking photos that you can purchase after the show!
  • During Show 1, there will be reserved seating for our Senior dancer's families. Please do not take these seats as they have been reserved by SESD.
  • Guests should remain seated during all dances. If you must leave the auditorium, please do so in between dances–not when dancers are on stage.
  • Our Christmas show should run no longer an hour and a half. Guests should plan to stay for the entire show; all our dancers work very hard to learn and polish their dances, and proper etiquette states guests should not leave early. No performers will be permitted to leave before the show ends.
  • All dancers are required to stay for the entire show and can be picked up from the lobby after Curtain Call (bows) at the end of the show. This policy is not only polite theatre etiquette, but also allows SESD to ensure each dancer is picked up by their parent/guardian. Dancers will wait backstage with our staff so you can enjoy the show!
  • Only dancers, instructors, SESD Staff are permitted backstage pre-show, during the show, and post-show. Doors to the dressing room area will be locked to ensure dancers are in a safe place with an SESD volunteer.


  • Tickets can be purchased online through TutuTix!
    • We do not charge a "Showcase Fee" for our Winter Showcase; instead, we sell tickets to help cover our costs!
    • Tickets can be purchased online through TutuTix: More details will be announced soon!
    • Tickets cost is $13.60 plus tax
    • You will receive your ticket via email and can print or show your code from your mobile device.

Performer Preparedness & Information

  • Our dancers will not be in full costumes as they will for the Spring Showcases. Instead, they will wear the same leotards they wear in class and will add Christmas accessories! (Red ballet skirts, matching shorts, Christmas headbands, etc.!) More details will be sent when our Fall seasons begins.
  • Personal Belongings: (Dancer in multiple classes)
    • Creative Movement, First Steps, Foundations, & Tiny Tumbler dancers should not bring any items "backstage." All street shoes/cover ups should remain with parents after drop-off. *This applies to Fancy Flippers if they are ONLY enrolled in that class.
    • Ballet/Tap 1 dancers need a shoe-box sized bin for their tap and ballet shoes.
    • Levels 2-6 in ONE class: May bring a shoe-box sized bin for their dance/street shoes. Please leave cover ups with parent.
    • Levels 2-6 in multiple classes: Please bring your "Showcase box"! No dance bags.
    • ***Label ALL PERSONAL ITEMS with dancers initials or first/last name. SESD and the Showcase venue cannot be held responsible for any items that become lost during showcase events. Only bring personal belongings that are replaceable.
    • ***Label the INSIDE of your dancer’s shoes with her initials or first/last name. They will most likely get mixed up backstage and we need to be able to quickly identify who they belong to.
    • Do not bring anything of value that cannot be replaced.
  • *Costume Accessory Organization (Dancers in two or more dances):
    • Place each costumes accessories in a clear Ziploc bag labelled with which costume it’s worn with. For example, Ballet 2 (Dolls) should place arm puffs, choker, and ribbons/headpiece in a plastic baggie labelled “ballet/dolls.”
    • Do not lose small hair accessories like diamond barrettes. We will be wearing all accessories and don’t want any dancer to be missing anything.
    • Costume accessories are generally irreplaceable.
  • Show Line Up:
    • For dancers in multiple dances: Please print and tape the show line up to your costume box. Highlight your dancer’s dances. This helps dancers feel prepared, and eliminates stress backstage. Line ups will be available by the Showcase meeting date.
  • Hair & Nails:
    • Clean nails, no colored nail polish. Nude polish and “French tips” are acceptable.
      • This includes toenail polish if your dancer will be barefoot (Acro, sometimes Modern)
    • Hair should be slicked back with gel and hair spray, no bangs or “fly-aways.”
    • Dancers with hair in a bun should use a hair net over the bun and plenty of bobby pins.
  • Jewelry:
    • No earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. are permitted UNLESS requested by SESD as part of their class costume.
  • Tights & Shoes:
    • Tights and shoes are generally the same as required by our Class Attire Policy; if different styles/colors are required, we will send that info out with other costume information.
    • Please make sure tights are clean and do not have holes.
  • Make Up & Other Products:
    • Please do not bring spray glitter (or anything in a spray can) to the venue. Roll-on glitter or glitter that is applied with a brush/make up applicator is acceptable, if desired.
    • Scented lotions/sprays/etc. are prohibited as they are unsafe for students with allergies, asthma, etc. Products that do not contain “fragrance” are fine.
    • Creative Movement and Foundations classes should have red lipstick (brands/shades below). Other make up as desired by parent. We recommend light, natural blush and mascara.
    • Lipstick:
      • ALL PERFORMERS NEED RED LIPSTICK. Bright lights wash out dancer’s faces, and you can wipe it right off after the show!
      • The acceptable brands and shades are:
        • Milani 07 “Best Red”
        • Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lipstick “Cherry”
        • Urban Decay Vice Lipstick “Bad Blood”
        • Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick “Scarlet Soaked”
    • In addition to red lipstick, dancers need to wear stage make up:
      • Creative Movement & First Steps: Other than red lip, makeup is at parent’s discretion. We recommend a little blush and some nude/neutral shimmer eyeshadow.
      • Ballet/Tap 1 & Intro to Acro: Light stage make-up (blush, neutral eye shadow, and mascara)
      • Levels 2-6 and Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Acro & Hip Hop: Full stage make-up (foundation if needed, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara)
  • Make Up Tips:
    • Eyes: Traditional “smoky eye” make up does not always look best on stage. We recommend the same technique but with neutral colors. Eye shadow palettes are a great way to achieve this look and usually have instructions on the back of the package.
      • Choose a color theme: Gold/tan/dark brown, silver/light grey/dark grey, and mauve/light pink/off white hues usually work well together.
      • If in doubt, start light and add more color/shadow if needed.
      • Add some shimmer in the inner corner and inner-mid portion of the eyelid.
    • Blush: Follow the cheekbone instead of making a “circle” on the cheek. When in doubt, “less is more.” Start with a little, check it, then add more if desired. Soft pink tones usually look best for littles and fair complexions; while peach tones tend to look more “natural” with olive/darker complexions.