Registration, Tuition & Fees, Early Withdrawal

Registration & Early Withdrawal Policies

  • SESD Fall/Spring season runs from August-May. All classes are a season long commitment, and early withdrawal is explained below.
    • *Please note; in order to “hold” a spot, Registration fee and each month’s tuition must be collected. For example, if student registers for a class in August but won’t attend until September, we must collect a Reg fee and August tuition to hold student’s spot, even if student does not attend in August. We are happy to offer make up classes.
  • Registration is open through the end of November. Students should be registered and accounts paid in full no later than the first week of December to be eligible to participate in our Spring Showcase.
  • Registration Process:
    • First, you will fill out our registration form.
    • After submitting the registration form, you will receive an invoice via email to pay your student’s Registration fee.
    • Once the Registration fee/invoice is paid, we will process your registration form and add your dancer to the classes you selected.
    • You will then receive an official confirmation email from Katherine at [email protected] to confirm monthly tuition amounts and other important information. Your quick response will be needed and greatly appreciated!
  • Registration Fees/Payment:
    • $31 Annual Registration Fee is due at fall registration for new students ($47 per family).
    • $26 Annual Returning Student Fee is due at fall registration for returning students ($37 per family).
    • Registration Fees cover the time it takes to set up student’s accounts and are non-refundable.
    • When we process your registration form, an invoice will be sent via Square to the email address indicated on your registration form. Invoice/Registration fee needs to be paid to complete the registration process and reserve your dancer’s spot in class and our program.
      • Please remember that class sizes are limited. In order to officially reserve your student’s spot, we must promptly collect Registration fees and tuition.
  • Early Withdrawal Policy:
    • SESD season runs August-May, and all SESD classes are a season-long commitment. In order to withdraw from a class before the end of the season, please email the studio director at [email protected] with your withdrawal request. Students who simply do not attend class will still be considered “enrolled” and tuition will still be collected until an official notification has been sent, received, and acknowledged.
    • Upon notification of withdrawal, a $50 withdrawal fee is due; you will receive an invoice as soon as we process your withdrawal request.
    • If dancer returns to SESD the following season, their withdrawal fee is applied towards their new Registration fee.

Tuition and Payment Policies

  • Tuition rates can be found on the Summer and Fall/Spring schedule tabs.
  • General Policies:
    • ***Effective March 24, 2020: We will no longer accept cash or check payments effective April 1, 2020***
    • Tuition is based on the total number of classes per season then divided equally each month. Tuition remains the same regardless of holidays, studio closure, vacations, illness, etc.
    • We cannot pro-rate tuition due to absences, but we are happy to schedule a make-up class!
    • We strongly encourage ACH/auto draft payments, but also accept credit cards. Please keep in mind, credit card payments will include a small service fee.
    • Any questions regarding payment should be sent to [email protected]; instructors do not have access to payment info and cannot answer specific questions or take payments.
    • Please do not mail payment. ACH drafts and credit card payments are the only acceptable forms of payment.
    • All accounts should be paid in full (including any fees) by the 10th of the final month in order for students to participate in end of year activities. SESD reserves the right to prohibit students to participate in end of year activities (productions, graduations, etc.) if account balances are not paid in full.
    • What does my monthly payment include?
      • August-December payments will include monthly tuition as well as costume and showcase fees. Costume and showcase fees will be equally divided and applied to each dancer’s August-December monthly fees.
      • January-April payments only include tuition.
        • *NEW for 2022-2023: We DO have classes through the end of May & our annual Spring Showcase in May; however, we collect May’s tuition along with January-April payments. This eliminates the stress of remembering to pay tuition in May and allows all our parents and staff to focus on making Showtime perfect for our students! No tuition will be collected during the month of May.*
      • ***At the time of registration, you will receive an email from Katherine at [email protected] confirming BOTH amounts. Be sure you receive it and if you don’t, email us ASAP.
    • Tuition, Registration, Showcase, and Costume fees are non-refundable.
  • Credit Card Payments:
    • Invoices are sent at the beginning of the month, due by the 10th of that month.
    • Credit card payments will include a small service fee.
    • Credit card payments are considered “late” after the 10th, at which point a $15 late fee will be applied to your invoice.
  • ACH Withdrawal Information:
    • We strongly encourage signing up for ACH drafts!
    • ***Please note: Our corporate name is “Creative N’rgy, INC.” (Creative N’rgy DBA SESD). This is what will show up on your bank statement–NOT Southeast School of Dance***
    • ACH withdrawals are scheduled for the 5th of each month. If the 5th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, withdrawals will be taken out the following Monday.
    • ACH drafts need to be scheduled 5 days in advance. If you need to make any changes to your dancers enrollment, classes, etc. SESD needs to be notified by the 31st of the month prior to the month to which the changes need to be applied.
    • Click here to fill out the ACH form online!
    • In addition to the above form, we need a voided check to verify information–you can send a picture to [email protected], or bring to the studio and place in the tuition box.

Other Fees

  • Showcase Fees and Costume fees totaled at the time of registration and divided equally each month August-December.

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