Show 2 Production

What is Showcase Production?

    • Open to dancers in levels 3-6, the Production number will open Show 2! Production numbers are fast paced, high energy pieces featuring different styles and highlighting each dancer’s best skills.
    • This piece is by invitation only. If your dancer is interested in participating, please send Mrs. Katherine at email at [email protected]. We are always open to discussing opportunities!

2025 Production Information

  • Styles for Opening Number will include Jazz, “Dance Team/Hip Hop” style movement
  • Closing Number will be Lyrical
  • Rehearsal for the 2024-2025 season are scheduled on Thursdays from 6:40-7:50
  • Production is a “step up” from regular weekly classes. Dancers should be prepared to retain choreography–we will not have time to go back and review weekly. It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it!

Expectations, Absences, Withdrawal Fees

  • Dancer Expectations:

    • Dancers who are invited to participate in special pieces will be held to an even higher standard; dancers should be kind and professional to their peers and staff members and should work hard during all classes and rehearsals. Choosing to conduct oneself in a less than positive manner could result in being excused from Production.
    • Class Requirements:
      • Attendance in our Summer Session is required; and Summer attendance policy applies. (If you are going to miss 1-2 weeks, that’s fine! We just want to be sure they’re keeping up their training)
      • The following classes will be required during our Summer and Fall/Spring sessions:
        • Ballet, Modern/Jazz classes, and Turns/Leaps/Conditioning. Additional classes (especially Dance Team and Hip Hop) are strongly encouraged! The more skills a dancer has, the more I am able to “highlight” that in our choreography!
        • ***Keep in mind, Turns Leaps & Conditioning is only a technique class—does not perform in the show, so no additional costume fees apply to that class.
    • Absences: Dancers are expected (required) to attend all rehearsals.
      • If your dancer is sick or experiences an emergency and cannot attend rehearsal; a PARENT or GUARDIAN must EMAIL ASAP. If you can’t get to your email, please use the Remind messaging system. Missing rehearsal due to illness is not necessarily a cause for immediate dismissal from the piece; however, Studio Director reserves the right to remove a dancer from the piece if absences become a concern or we are not properly notified.
      • If your dancer needs to request an absence for a reason other than illness or emergency, a PARENT or GUARDIAN must EMAIL 48 hours prior to the rehearsal they are requesting to miss. It is ideal (and expected) for dancers to miss no rehearsals; however, it is important to reach out so we can make the best decision for all dancers and choreographers. I do not intend for dancers to miss out on special events; but choosing to participate in extra pieces does come with extra responsibilities. Remember, the Opening Number should be the cleanest and BEST piece of the show, and that requires 150% from everyone. At the end of the day, it is always difficult to create/polish/clean a dance if there are different/multiple students absent each week.
      • In addition to rehearsals, dancers are expected to adhere to weekly class attendance policies as well.
    • Withdrawal Fee: We never expect any issues; however, due to events in the past we do need to implement specific policies to protect our business & ensure our Show is the best it can be! In the event of Withdrawal, Forfeiting Roles, or Dismissal:
      • Any fees already paid are refundable.
      • If a dancer withdrawals or is dismissed/released from “Production” at any time, for any reason, the following fee applies: $250
      • This fee is due upon notification of withdrawal or dismissal.
      • This fee covers the cost of re-blocking choreography and any other fees incurred to replace dance.