Improvisation & Choreography Composition

Think creating choreography is easy? Think again! Creating dynamic choreography and learning how to improv takes practice! This class will equip dancers with all the necessary tools they need to feel confident in creating their own movement.

Improvisational Dance is an important skill, but it can be intimidating at first! Creating movement “out of nothing” can seem almost impossible. Our instructors will guide dancers through improvisational exercises so they learn how to create movement “on the spot.” Not only is it important to be confident to create movement, it’s important to learn how to turn that movement into a sequence, and then a phrase, and then a whole dance!…

…Which leads us to the Choreography Composition part of class! Sometimes, improv alone is enough to create a dance; however, sometimes we need a little help to get the creativity flowing. Our instructors will equip dancers with all the “tools” they need in their “choreographer’s tool box” to create dynamic choreography. There are many tricks that help us get “un-stuck” when our bodies want to repeat the same thing over and over again, or when our brains are too tired to create something out of nothing. Choreography Composition is another important skill for all dancers!

Students are eligible to enroll in this class at age 7.5.

*This class does NOT perform in the Showcase! No Costume Fee.