Ballet Production

“The ballets, too, in their stories, were about serious and personal matters. Giselle and Sleeping Beauty-these had to do with the great blessings and disasters that are the center of our lives, the things one is usually too embarassed or too frightened to talk about.”

-Mikhail Baryshnikov

Each year, our Foundations, Ballet 1-5 dancers perform a full-length “story ballet.” Story ballets are a staple of classical ballet training, and add a unique experience to each ballerina’s journey!

Story ballets help dancers develop their own creativity by challenging them to take on a whole new role and personality. Story ballets help dancers learn the importance of connecting with each other and their audience when performing–each role is vital to the plot, and each role connects the dots for the audience.

Classical story ballets create a sense of magic and wonder unique to the ballet world. Some of the most classic and popular story ballets include The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake. A few of our past story ballets include The Jungle Book and The Magic Mirror. We are excited to add more ballets to our repertoire in the years to come!