Level 5 Pre-Pointe Classes

9/1 Ballet 5

9/1 Ballet 5

Level 6 Condition/Stretch/Pointe Conditioning



Extra Conditioning Videos


Standing Abs 1

Standing Abs 2

5 Minute Floor (with side planks)

5 Minute Floor (with twists)

5 Minute Lower Abs

5 Minute Flat Abs 1

5 Minute Flat Abs 2


No Equipment 1

No Equipment 2

5 Minute No Equipment

Band Work Out 1

Band Work Out 2

Arms+Cardio (with or without light weights)

Lower Body

Train Like A Ballerina: Legs

Theraband Exercises

Barre Style Toning 1

Barre Style Toning 2

5 Minute Standing Thigh Burn

Quick Floor Workout

Full Body/Complete Work Outs

20 Minute Cardio/Pilates

Barre Toning

Intense Mat Pilates

Pilates for Long, Lean Muscles


Upper Body Release

Hamstring/Hip Release

Stretchy Splits

Full Yoga Class

Slow & Stretchy

Stretch: Tight Hips


(After a warm-up/At the end of day’s training)