Instructor: Hip Hop & Jazz
University of South Florida (Tampa, FL): B.A, Public and Cultural Communication
Westminster College (Salt Lake City, UT): M.A., Community Leadership

Coach, Choreographer, Teacher, Student and Enthusiast – all words used to best describe Rob Myers’
connection to the dance world. Most recently Rob added published author to his list of accolades when
he completed his thesis titled “No Boys Allowed”. Rob examined the factors that deter young men from
pursuing traditional dance training during their pre-adolescent years. Mr. Myers understands that his
voice as a dance scholar is pertinent and necessary in ensuring that dancers of all sizes, creed, colors and
genders have the platform to dance freely and explore all the goodness that dance has to offer.
Rob’s own unconventional and late introduction to dance encouraged him to work to provide avenues
for young men to explore and navigate dance spaces before their teenage years. Rob’s passion for introducing young men to the arts is what birthed GYMIA(gee-uh-mai- uh), an acronym short for Gifted Young Men in the Arts, which serves as a mentorship and scholarship program for young men who desire to pursue careers and further training in arts fields, like dance, music, and drama.

Rob’s previous dance works include: Super Bowl XXXIII, the African-American Dance Review, Stage
Ready Productions, Georgia Tech, Spelman College, the Taliah Waajid World Health and Beauty Show,
and the Miss Black Georgia Organization, along with extensive competitive dance studio work in the
areas of Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, African and Musical Theatre. Mr. Myers is also in the early
phases of designing a dance clothing line for young men and non-binary dancers
In addition to his dance accomplishments, Rob is a devoted husband and enthusiastic father to his son
and daughter. Rob and his family currently reside in Kernersville, North Carolina. He serves as the
Enrollment Counselor for the School of Dance at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where
he helps usher in the next batch of dynamic and talented, world-class, dance professionals.

Aside from the arts, Rob is an avid cook! “I’m something like a chef” proclaims Rob. When he hangs up
his dancing shoes, he and his wife Tasha plan to open a brunch eatery, establishing a legacy for their two
kids to build upon. Though his resume would suggest otherwise, Rob Myers is an extreme introvert, but
he never lets that prohibit him from pouring into the lives of others. His prayer is to be a blessing to all
those he encounters.