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One parent/guardian is required to attend one Showcase meeting.

  • Showcase meetings are absolutely mandatory. No exceptions.
  • Each parent/guardian will sign an attendance sheet at the beginning of each meeting. Dancers are not eligible to perform if one parent/guardian does not attend one Showcase meeting.
  • Show day is VERY busy. It is extremely important attend Showcase meetings and ask all questions prior to the show date. Katherine will be tied up running the show; coordinating lights and sound with the technicians, checking on dancers, and much more. We want this experience to be as smooth and pleasant as possible, but there is no guarantee Katherine will be able to answer phone calls, texts, or emails at any time during the day. If you have a question and cannot find Katherine, look for someone in a “volunteer” shirt or your dancer’s teacher. Showcase meetings will eliminate most of the stress and confusion!
  • 2019 Showcase Meetings:
    • Option 1: Sunday, March 31st…3:15-3:45
    • Option 2: Friday, April 5th…8:00-8:30
    • Option 3/4: Wednesday, April 17th….4:30-5:00 OR 7:15-7:45
    • Option 5: Saturday, May 4th…1:00-1:30