Christmas Parade Information

We always enjoy participating in the Liberty and Pleasant Garden Christmas parades each year! While call times and locations can differ, dates remain the same each year.

Liberty Parade: First Saturday in December

Pleasant Garden Parade: First Sunday in December

  • Who can participate?
    • All of our students are invited to participate!
    • Creative Movement and Foundations Dancers:
      • Are invited to ride on our float! Due to limited space, we ask that you sign up for your first and second choice. We are also limited in the amount of volunteers/parents who can ride on the float. Volunteers will be contacted by Mrs. Katherine. If you want to ride with your dancer, please let me know ASAP. Volunteers will need to purchase apparel.
      • Only pre-approved volunteers will be permitted to ride on the float. We do not need volunteers to walk in front of or behind the float.
      • All float riders, walkers, and volunteers need to purchase the themed sweatshirt or t-shirt and wear jeans, tennis shoes. White gloves/earmuffs/etc. are permitted, if desired.
      • Please note: We are required to check in very early. Sometimes, it can be a little tough on younger dancers. There is not always a place to use the restroom, either. If you are concerned that your dancer may be too young to wait before the parade, please let me know and I’d be happy to discuss options with you! We want all our dancers to have a positive experience whether that be on the float, walking or dancing, and even waving at us from the crowd!
    • Dancers enrolled in any Level 1-5class (excluding Team members):
      • Are invited to walk in front of our float and toss candy!
      • Need to purchase the themed sweatshirt or t-shirt and wear jeans and tennis shoes (we recommend flat soles like converses for dancers). White gloves/earmuffs/etc. are permitted, if desired. Bring lots of candy, it always disappears quickly!
      • All students need to sign up and order apparel by the due date (generally November 1st) in order to participate.
      • We would love to have high participation in both parades, but you are welcome to pick one!