Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1:

Perfect for dancers aged 5.5-6.5 or 7, BTJ1 builds upon the foundation set in previous levels, but beginners are welcome too! Level 1 is structured more closely to a traditional, or “big kid” class. During ballet warm up, the instructor explains and demonstrates the combination, then performs it with students. By the end of the seasons, dancers are usually able to practice without the instructors guidance! After warm up, we travel across the floor practicing various ballet skills–including some petite allegro (jumps!). We then stretch and learn a few jazz skills, then finish class with tap! Dancers in level 1 learn are absolutely still encouraged to explore their creativity through movement; we include various “games” and activities throughout class to encourage dancers to incorporate new skills they’ve learned in a fun and upbeat way!

Fancy Flippers:

Get a head start on building strength and flexibility! In addition to stretching and strengthening exercises, dancers in Fancy Flippers practice the building blocks of basic acro/tumbling skills. Dancers will begin the season practicing drills that eventually lead to skills like handstands, chest stands, cartwheels, and more! In addition to learning “the basics,” dancers learn how to incorporate their new “tricks” into actual choreography.