Pre-Registrations Accepted through 6:00pm the day prior to auditions


Performance Company Audition Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration open until 6:00pm the day prior to auditions
    June 13-30 July 11-28
    Audition Information: Audition Fee: $15 (helps compensate staff and judges) Audition Date: Sunday, May 22 2:30-3:00 Ages 8-10 Check In 3:00-4:30 Ages 8-10 Audition 4:15-4:45 Ages 11+ Check In 4:45-6:15 Ages 11+ Audition
    Dancers may be invited to either company pending audition results; but it is helpful for us to know which company your dancer prefers.
  • By completing and singing this form, guardian and dancer agree to attend Company Audition and remit payment for Audition Fee. Guardian and dancer recognize the risk of personal injury during said audition/course of instruction and will not hold Creative N'rgy DBA Southeast School of Dance or its instructors/staff liable if dancer sustains any injury. Guardian/dancer acknowledge that completing this form and attending audition does not equal a commitment to accept a position in the Company. A separate agreement will be sent to select dancers, signed, and turned in to SESD after a Company acceptance invitation has been sent following auditions.