Creative Movement

Our Creative Movement classes are designed specifically for your little ballerina-to-be! We introduce basics of dance, and teach valuable skills while we explore both free and structured movement. Dancers will learn how to take turns, encourage other students, and follow directions. Rhythm, counting, and basic ballet technique is introduced. There is never a dull moment in our Creative Movement classes!


What to expect on your first day…

The first day of dance class can be so exciting! For some dancers, it can also be quite intimidating–lots of new faces, loud music, and doing it all without mom can be stressful! Our instructors and assistants will quickly welcome dancers into the dance room and begin class so there is very little time to become upset. We ask that parents wait in the lobby until class is over (sometimes, we need you to take your dancer to “go potty”!). Typically, we don’t allow parents in the room as it can discourage their dancer from participating, and it can distract or upset other dancers who might be missing their own mommy.


What if my dancer is too upset to dance?

Usually, after our “warm up” song, most dancers are comfortable enough to finish class. However, it is completely normal for new and young dancers to become upset before even entering the dance room. First, an instructor or assistant will offer to hold your dancers hand and let her our “helper” for the day. If that’s not enticing enough to leave mom’s side, we will invite mom or dad inside the dance room for a bit. We always prefer that parents take their dancer to their “spot” in the dance room and encourage them to participate. Generally, whether it be in the same class or after a couple classes, parents can slowly make their way to the door so they can still be seen while dancers participate on their own. Within a month or so, most dancers are ready to fully participate all by themselves!

Upon occasion, a dancer might not be ready for dance class yet. Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. Some are very outgoing, while some need a lot of encouragement to step out of their comfort zone. If your dancer is upset before even arriving at the studio, or is very upset prior to/during class (heavy crying, not just a few nervous tears), he or she may need to wait a few months before trying again. Pushing dancers too hard could make them perceive dance class as a negative experience, and push them away from dance for years to come. If you think your dancer might not be ready, please contact Katherine–I am invested in your dancer’s education, and want to know if something isn’t quite right. If both parent and instructor agree a little break is needed, we are more than happy to credit your Registration fee for the next season, and will never charge a Withdrawal fee from Creative Movement classes.