The American form of Kenpo Karate teaches self-defense, self-confidence, assertiveness, goal orientation, calmness, and concentration. The karate/self-defense belt rankings system bestows a different color belt for each step up the ladder, which provides a constant sense of achievement. This system stresses the connection between karate and schoolwork, and emphasizes respect for adults. These classes are fun, challenging, and upbeat. In karate, everyone can achieve and perform at his/her highest potential. Classes for boys and girls ages 4 and up are 45-minute classes that meet once per week.

At certain points during the year in your regular class time and location, a ceremony will be held for your student’s advancement to the next belt level. All family and friends are invited to join us at the studio to witness a great accomplishment in the children’s lives. You may take pictures and video at this class only. There is no extra charge for testing before advancement or for the ceremony itself.

We are pleased to offer Mike Carr Karate at our studio!

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