More new things happening! We are SO excited about the opportunity to offer gymnastics/acro classes this year!

We will have a placement class on Wednesday, October 5th. This will ensure your child is placed in the correct class and will safely learn as much as she can!


Please register below and attend the age appropriate placement class on Oct. 5th: 

Ages 5-7 (5:30-6:00)

Ages 8-9 (6:00-6:30)

Ages 10+ (6:30-7:00)

*Registration form below!


After the placement class, we will let you know which session is best suited for your child! Some students will benefit most from learning basic skills, while others may be ready for a few more advanced skills. We will very carefully consider which level will be the best fit for your child! Our job is not only to teach them our craft, but to do it safely!


We will offer the following classes during the first 6 week session (October 12th-November 16th):

1. Basic Skills $50 -Great for brand new beginners, and those who need a little “fine tuning” to be sure they are strong enough to safely take the next step!

5:00-5:30-suggested ages 5-7

5:30-6:00-suggested ages 8+

*If you aren’t able to make it by 5:00, it should be fine for your child to attend the 5:30 class instead. However, space is very limited so if you can make the 5:00 class, that would be great!


2. Intermediate Tumbling 1…6:00-6:45…$75


3. Intermediate Tumbling 2…6:45-7:30…$75


Attire: Leotard and shorts, footless tights or leggings are preferred. Fitted tank tops and t-shirts are acceptable as well! No baggy clothing, please.


Sibling Discount: $5 off second child


We are very excited to get started! As we move through the 6 week session, we will determine what we will be able to offer in 2017! Please let me or Mrs. Kim know if you have any questions! Mrs. Kim can be reached at [email protected]


Registration Note: If your child is currently enrolled in a dance class, you don’t need to fill out your address/email…I do need your name, number, and emergency contact again as well as student name to reserve the spot. If your family is brand-new to our studio, please fill out the form completely.


Spring Acro Class Selection

After you submit the form, we will email or call you to confirm registration. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please send an email to [email protected] Thank you!
  • By signing this form, I verify that all information I provided is thorough and true. I also acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to comply with all of the terms, procedures, policies including tuition and applicable fees, lobby and classroom etiquette, class attire expectations, withdrawal procedures and fees, cancellation policy, as well as due dates and all other policies afore mentioned in the SESD brochure as well as our website, I agree to the “Payment Plan” and will make payments at the designated time. If paid after the 10th, I will include the $10 late fee. I understand that students are expected to attend each week in order to be promoted, participate in recital and performances, etc. Missed classes can be made up; however, SESD can never deduct from tuition payments. I give my permission for SESD to use any and all photos of said student in various media including but not limited to web images and various forms of advertisement. Parent/guardian of minor or above student recognizes the existence of personal injury in said course of instruction and that they are assuming the risk without liability to Southeast School of Dance DBA Creative N’rgy INC., Mike Carr Karate DBA Northern Arts, and/or Kidsport Gymnastics. By signing, I commit to the aforementioned season and realize that failure to comply with any of the above policies may result in consequences including dismissal from Southeast School of Dance.