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Picture Day is here again! Dancer expectations and information posted below schedule.

Picture Day Schedule—Saturday, April 28th
• 9:00-9:20 Creative Movement (Monday)…Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair/bun
• 9:25-9:45 Creative Movement (Wednesday)…Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair/ bun
• 9:45-10:10 Foundations… Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun
• 10:10-10:20 Beginner Acro…No tights/footwear, high ponytail
• 10:20-10:40 Hip Hop 2…Black sneakers, high ponytail
• 10:40-11:00 Jazz/Tap 2…Caramel tights, tan tap shoes, high ponytail
• 11:00-11:10 Jazz/Tap 3…Caramel tights, tan jazz/tap shoes, high ponytail
• 11:10-11:20 Modern 2…Tan footless tights, “modern” shoes, hair in a bun
• 11:10-11:20 Hip Hop 3…Black dance team sneakers, high ponytail
• 11:20-11:35 Modern 3…Tan footless tights, “modern” shoes, hair in a bun
• 11:35-11:50 Praise…Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, bun
• 11:50-12:05 Jazz/Tap 4…Caramel tights, tan tap/jazz shoes, hair in a bun
• 12:05-12:15 Int/Adv Acro… Tan footless tights, high ponytail
• 12:15-1:00 LUNCH
• 1:00-1:20 Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 (Tuesday) AND Soloist Molly Jordan…
o Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun
• 1:20-1:40 Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 (Thursday) AND Soloist Ashlyn Baysinger…
o Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a bun
• 1:40-1:55 Ballet 4 ALL SOLOISTS
• 2:05-2:30 Ballet 2 AND Snow White/Christy…Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair/bun
• 2:30-2:40 Ballet 3 (Hunstmen)
• 2:40-2:50 Ballet 3/4 (Dwarves)
• 2:50-3:00 “Extra” Pieces (Solos, Duets, Trios)

Picture Day Preparedness/What To Expect…

  • Dancers should arrive in costume, hair and makeup ready. Please wear a cover up over your costume, and never eat in costume!
  • Please have correct brand and color tights and shoes. Our class attire requirements are listed in detail on our “Class Attire” section of our website.
  • Hair should be slicked back—no bangs or “fly-aways,” hair pieces attached.
  • No nail polish, please! “French tips,” nude, or clear polish is okay.
  • All dancers in level 1, 2, and 3 need red lipstick for picture day and Spring Showcase. Bright lights wash out dancer’s faces.
    • Creative Movement and Foundations dancers are not required to wear lipstick, but we suggest light pink gloss or lipstick if desired.
      o Be sure to have the correct color tights; clean/no holes.
      o Please tuck in ballet slipper strings!
  • Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time slot in case we are ahead of schedule.
  • We ask that parents wait in the lobby while your dancer is being photographed. We understand you are excited to see your dancer’s photos, but it can be a big distraction for students to see their parents watching. We promise to make sure every detail is perfect!
  • Studio A is our “picture studio.” Studio B is reserved for dancers who have multiple costumes and need to change. Students, siblings, and parents who are not assisting a dancer change should wait in the lobby. Dancers should get changed/ready as quickly as possible and act professionally while waiting. No acrobatics or dancing that could cause injury to yourself or another dancer please!

Order/Purchasing Information

  • *To eliminate confusion, please be select the correct class on order form.*
  • ***Dancers in multiple classes: If ordering group or individual photos in different costumes/class, WE NEED A SEPARATE ORDER FORM FOR EACH CLASS/COSTUME.
  • Orders need to be placed and paid for before we can take an individual photo of your dancer (individual pictures are optional and only taken if ordered).
  • Order forms will be available in our lobby a few weeks prior to picture day; please feel free to pick one up and fill out in advance!
  • Cash, cards, and checks are accepted. Please remember to add sales tax: 6.75%


Picture day can be hectic; we truly appreciate your excitement, patience, positivity, and understanding! We LOVE seeing all the girls in their costumes—and lots of smiles!