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Picture day is always an exciting time! Northern Arts’ picture day is scheduled for Thursday, April 26th during your student’s regular class time.

Picture Day Expectations:

  • Dancers should arrive in costume, hair and makeup ready. Please wear a cover up over your costume, and never eat in costume.
  • Hair should be slicked back—no bangs or “fly-aways,” hair pieces attached.
  • No nail polish, please! “French tips,” nude, or clear polish is okay.
  • All dancers in level 1, and 2 need red lipstick for picture day and Spring Showcase. Bright lights wash out dancer’s faces.
  • Creative Movement and Foundations dancers are not required to wear lipstick, but do we suggest light pink gloss or lipstick.
  • Be sure to have the correct color tights; clean/no holes (hip hop students do not need tights).
    • Creative Movement:
      • Tights: Capezio, Pink
      • Shoes: Capezio “Lily,” Pink (no drawstring)
    • Foundations:
      • Tights: Capezio, Pink
      • Shoes: Capezio “Lily,” Pink (no drawstring)
    • Ballet/Jazz 1:
      • Tights: Capezio mesh, back-seam, Theatrical Pink
      • Shoes: Capezio “Lily,” Pink (no drawstring)
        • *We will only take a group ballet picture. Dancers will need Capezio Caramel tights and Tan jazz shoes for the showcase, but not picture day!
    • Ballet/Jazz 2:
      • Ballet Tights: Capezio mesh, back-seam, Theatrical Pink
      • Ballet Shoes: So Danca, no drawstring
      • Jazz Tights: Capezio, Caramel
      • Jazz Shoes: Bloch style 449, Tan
    • Hip Hop: No tights, just your costume!
  • Parents should wait in the lobby while dancers are being photographed. We understand you are excited to see your dancer’s photos, but it can be a big distraction for students to see their parents watching. We promise to make sure every detail is perfect!

Showcase Meetings

We want you to feel as prepared as possible for our Showcase! Katherine will be present on April 26th to direct Picture Day events as well as conduct Showcase meetings during each class time. One parent/guardian is required to attend a showcase meeting. This is the perfect time to as any and all questions!

Information regarding tickets, Showcase themed apparel, boquets, and DVDs will be sent in the next few months as plans are finalized with our vendors.

I am diligently working on planning this year’s show and making sure all information is up to date. If you would like to familiarize yourself with some of our Showcase expectations, click here!